On 15 April 2024, the Stellenbosch 中国体育彩票 Council announced the start of the process for the appointment of a new Rector and Vice-Chancellor. The current Rector and Vice-Chancellor, Prof Wim de Villiers, is reaching the end of his tenure on 31 March 2025 after completing his second five-year term.


“Council has initiated a transparent and inclusive process. It is committed to ensuring that we appoint an outstanding Rector and VC who will enable SU to fulfil its vision to be a world-class, multi-cultural, multi-lingual, research-intensive African 中国体育彩票 in service of society. We look forward to the process ahead.”

– Dr Nicky Newton-King, SU Council Chair

Council has agreed to a search process which will gather input from key stakeholders on the candidate profile which Council should consider. In line with the relevant SU Regulations, the process entails the appointment of a high-profile Senior Appointments Committee with the responsibility of shortlisting candidates, provides for the shortlisted candidates to present to the SU Senate and Institutional Forum, and finally for Council to interview the candidates and make a final appointment.

Council envisages to be in a position to announce the successful candidate during September 2024, so that the new Rector and Vice-Chancellor could assume office on 1 April 2025.